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The Sniffer

The Sniffer gives your phone the capability to smell anything! Your friend’s minds will be blown when you convince them that your phone can identify smells. You can quickly tell The Sniffer what to smell next by selecting the "Next Sniff" menu option. You can also provide a predefined list of smells in the preferences […]

The Screener

Did that guy from the online dating site turn out to be a bit of a creeper? Of course you don’t want to save his number in your contact list so your friends can drunk dial him for the lolz next time you’re out on the town.  Simply save his name and number into The […]

Bockosoft is born.

I used to joke about starting a software company called Bockosoft that would make me millions and enable me to retire early. That’s not going to happen, but I thought I should go ahead and grab that domain name just in case. This site will be used to post information about my attempt to make […]