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The Screener

Did that guy from the online dating site turn out to be a bit of a creeper? Of course you don’t want to save his number in your contact list so your friends can drunk dial him for the lolz next time you’re out on the town.  Simply save his name and number into The Screener and the next time he calls to ask you to be his arm candy for the all you can eat shrimp and fried chicken buffet you’ll know to let that puppy go to voicemail.

Here’s an idea: save your bosses number so you never again have a fat finger slip up and accidentally call him on your “sick day” when you were really trying to order pizza.  

With The Screener you can easily customize the listing by adding notes, or even mnemonics.   Did you nail that job interview?  Of course you’ve already saved Gary from HR’s number into The Screener so your toddler doesn’t call him the next time you’re pooping.  Now you can add a custom note that says “loves to whittle” so you’ll immediately know to start off the conversation with your best whittling talk.  

Were you so smooth you got that pretty gal’s number at the cocktail party?  You’ll know to answer the second you see the note you so cleverly added informing you it’s “Big Booty Judy.”

The Screener isn’t just for screening calls.  Did Gimpy Grandma go on and on about what ails her the last time you spoke?  Add a note that reminds you to “ask Gram-Gram about her Bursitis” when she calls next Sunday after church.

Whether you’re screening creepy creepers with their peepy peepers, or pretending to remember important facts about the people you love, The Screener is the app you need.

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